Testing my image skills

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Mercury is a beast 🙁

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Mercury has been in retrograde for a while and it’s due to go direct on December 6 Thursday. This has been a rough one. Mercury is the planet of communication. If you have noticed messages not getting through, or being slowed down, electronics breaking or glitching, or favourite web sites or social media sites (cough, tumblr!) epically failing, blame Mercury. Or blame human stupidity. That never fails to screw things up. #mercury #whinging

Because cats…

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It’s been awhile

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I’ve been on Tumblr for a long time. I blame BBC Sherlock. I met so many lovely people there. It’s been a nice escape from reality. So many gifs! So much beautiful art… I’m not sure if I will be as happy here. I feel isolated on a traditional blogging platform. This is not what my mental health needed right now.

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Still in hibernation. ..

I see my shadow.  I see cat shadows. My garden sleeps and I  miss the plants.

January is finally over. Now the countdown begins and I hope nature cooperates and allows Spring to fruition.

My body is not as willing and I worry that RA will be the undoing of my garden.

For now though, we curl up and dream of warmer days.






Adding colour to grey days

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2016-01-20 20.05.53

With pencils, pens and glitter glue I try try to keep myself occupied. In the throes of ra pain and depression I need something creative  and my brain refuses to  attempt writing.

I hope this helps.  I wish I could summon my story to the surface. It’s buried in my brain.



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tmp_28603-2015-12-24 16.20.59-1867649355

Cricket checking in…